What are the customs requirements for entering/exiting Bulgaria?

2 Jun 2015

Persons crossing the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria in either direction must fill out and present to the customs authorities a “currency customs declaration” if they import or export the following:


Travelers entering Bulgaria with more than 5,000 Bulgarian Leva or the equivalent in either foreign currency or traveler’s checks must declare the cash and/or checks to Customs officials upon arrival. You may check the daily exchange rate here. The declaration should be filled out in three copies (items 1.1 and 1.2 of the declaration must be completed).

Travelers who attempt to leave the country with the equivalent of 25,000 Bulgarian Leva or more must complete a Customs declaration, on which they must state the origin of the money, and present a certificate from the Bulgarian regional internal revenue service proving they do not owe taxes, unless the sum is less than the amount originally declared when brought into the country. In the latter case, travelers must present to the customs authorities the customs declaration that was endorsed at the time of their last entry into the country; this declaration is considered to be valid for export of Bulgarian and foreign currency until the person leaves the country.

Precious metals

Precious metals, including articles made from precious metals, in quantities exceeding (item 2 of the declaration):

  • 37 g of raw and semi-processed gold and platinum, including coins
  • 60 g of jewels and accessories made of gold and platinum
  • 300 g of raw and semi-processed silver, silver coins, jewels and accessories.
  • Unmounted precious stones not incorporated in the above-mentioned jewels and accessories (item 2 of the declaration)

Other forms of precious metals or stones, or articles made from them, for example, powdered precious metals, articles made from precious stones and others (item 2 of the declaration).

A declaration must also be completed and presented to the customs authorities if travelers are exporting any articles made of precious metals and stones (no matter what kind or size), which are considered to be of cultural value (item 2 of the exit declaration). The export permission number and date of its issuance must be entered in the specific field provided for this purpose on the exit declaration.