How Does Outsourcing in Bulgaria Work?

6 Oct 2016

Let say that you have a successful business in your country. Perhaps you are in some developed European country. You have demands, your business is growing, you want reinvest your profit but taxes, wages, social security expenses are so much they ate almost everything you get.  Do you know that you can move your business to some other country without living your office, your factory? You can relocate your company in another country with lower taxes, less social security payments, cheaper workforce.

Here you ca see the corporate tax rate in Europe. As you see Bulgaria has the lowest tax rate.  Income tax for individuals is also the lowest with the rate of 10%. The VAT is 20%.

Many companies from Italy, France, Spain relocate their businesses in Bulgaria. Those companies they still trade with their clients the same way, in the same offices and stores. They just provide invoices from Bulgaria, they received payments in their account in Bulgarian bank, they have virtual office in Sofia, with real accountant and lawyer that look after the paperwork and all details.

Here you can see more details about the the rates procedures corporate tax, income tax, property taxes, social security payments, VAT.

To have that we can help:

  1. Register you company
  2. Provide address of your company
  3. Find office space of residential place for you
  4. All necessary legal advice
  5. Accountancy and bookkeeping

More detailed information in this article.