• Retirement in Bulgaria

    15 Feb 10:57 am | 0 Comments
    If you’ve retired and have a good pension and plan to move to Bulgaria for a long term, you can receive your residency. If you are non-EU citizen you must…
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  • Mobile App

    How to Manage your Bulgarian Company in English

    21 Nov 11:05 am | 0 Comments
    You can have a company in Bulgaria without speaking Bulgarian and have full control of it from your smartphone, or your laptop. /manager in pocket is a Cloud based…
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  • Business Visa for Bulgaria

    How to Obtain Business Visa for Bulgaria

    26 Oct 9:00 am | 0 Comments
    Every non EU citizen can obtain business visa in Bulgaria. To obtain visa type D and residency for business activities the foreigners must register a company in Bulgaria. For the…
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  • Save Taxes in Bulgaria

    Save taxes and relocate in Bulgaria

    6 Oct 11:53 pm | 0 Comments
    Pay less taxes relocating your business in Bulgaria without leaving your office. Did you know that you could move your business to some other country without leaving your office or your…
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  • Work permit – mission (almost) impossible in Bulgaria

    Work permit in Bulgaria

    19 Sep 5:08 pm | 0 Comments
    Work permit in Bulgaria is almost mission impossible. One of the grounds to obtain residency in Bulgaria is if you have a work permit. Is not enough to have just…
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  • How To Obtain Visa For Bulgaria

    12 Sep 11:08 pm | 0 Comments
    How To Obtain Visa For Bulgaria To cross the border of Bulgaria or any other country member of EU you will need a visa. Crossing the border without visa is…
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  • Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    Come To Bulgaria

    6 Sep 4:43 pm | 0 Comments
    Bulgaria is the place that will turn a short trip into a longterm stay. Everything that makes you want to stay, and nothing that makes you want to leave. Many…
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