Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Come To Bulgaria

6 Sep 2016

Bulgaria is the place that will turn a short trip into a longterm stay.

Everything that makes you want to stay, and nothing that makes you want to leave.

Sofia, BulgariaMany people around the world decide to re-evaluate their life, to leave the everyday, mundane routine that has stolen their life and resolve to start a new beginning in a new place, whether for a short trip or major move.

Some take the road to Santiago, others spend a month or two in India or in the poorest areas of the world, and others go for a trip to Las Vegas to dive in the luxury of carelessness and irresponsible impulsiveness. Another category of people just go to live somewhere else, in a different country with a completely different culture. The reasons for this vary vastly, including tragedy in the family, serious illness, the loss of a job, being burned-out or depression. People everywhere are looking for a peaceful, quiet, clean, inexpensive but secure place to settle down. For these people, Bulgaria is one of the best options.

If you’re from a country with a high standard-of-living – Bulgaria is extremely suitable for you. With the rent you’re paying in your country, you can rent an apartment in the center of Sofia or a house in the outskirts of the city, with enough excess money for food, clothes, entertainment and travel within the country.

Why visit or live in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian Mountain ResortsBulgaria may seem like a small country, but out of the 50 countries in Europe, Bulgaria is ranked 15th largest in size. The territory is as big as Switzerland, Austria and Denmark combined. It’s topography ranges from a bouquet of mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, and caves, to hundred of kilometers of beaches along Black Sea. Romania doesn’t even have that. It has winter resorts like Bansko and Pamporovo for skiing, a wonderful combination of ancient history, beautiful nature, and modern amenities.

All these treasures are close to each other and now thanks to the European fundings, a modern infrastructure for transportation is being built like never before. The food is clean; the fruits and vegetables have a taste like you’ve never tasted anywhere else. The cuisine is delicious, with lots of local restaurants, cafes and markets. In addition, the people are welcoming and open to the foreigners.

Where in Bulgaria?

If you go to the capital city of Sofia, you will find many beautiful and small cafes, free fast WiFi everywhere, conveniently located and reasonably priced public transportation, young people and working personnel speaking English, and a wide range of restaurants and exquisite local and international cuisine with prices like nowhere else in Europe.

It’s absolutely possible to have dinner with your whole family in a nice restaurant with great service for about 35 euros. In Sofia, there is Indian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French, Korean, Nepali, Arab, Turkish and Russian restaurants. Most fast food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC are there as well, along with the coffee chains like Starbucks, Costa and Dunkin’ Donuts. Lately, big bookstores are gaining popularity with literature in every language, combined with coffee and internet, you can spend and afternoon with a book or working on your laptop drawing inspiration from the pleasant environment.

In Sofia alone, there are 6 malls with cinemas, and all the popular clothing, accessories, cosmetics and electronics brands, so you won’t miss anything from home, and you can get it at a much better price.

Plovdiv, BulgariaThe second largest city in Bulgaria is Plovdiv, a lovely mixture between the old and new. Old town is filled with the charm of traditional houses, a Roman amphitheater, narrow cobblestone streets and a plethora of history on every corner. New town includes all the modern pleasures of Sofia, with it’s own Plovdiv personality. Plovdiv was named the European Culture Capital of 2018.

Varna and Burgas are our seaside capitals, where tourists from all over the world come to rest along the vast coastline of sandy beaches. During the summer, you can hear more foreign speech there, rather than just Bulgarian, in addition to multiple music festivals, and a vivid nightlife.

Bulgaria has everything you can find and use in your city at all times. However, there are things that you can’t find anywhere else and once tried it will be hard to not go back to. If you have decided to create a business at a new and unknown place, Bulgaria is an excellent location that offers many opportunities that are waiting for you to pick up.

Economy And Prices

Bulgarian Sea ResortsTaxes are the lowest in whole Europe, the registration of a business is quick and cheap and you can do it online. Working hands are cheap, the people are hard-working and in the big cities, the majority of the young people speak English and education is very important to the young ones. The prices of electricity, water, and communications are one of the lowest you have seen. Your money stretches far, which means you can do more without compromising on quality.

Close to Bulgaria, just several hours away by a car, you can visit the country of antiquity, Greece, with its beautiful islands, beaches and nature, combined with ancient history and splendid food. Bordering on the other side is Turkey. Have you heard of Dubrovnik in Croatia or the nature of Montenegro? Just a weekend trip away.

Bulgaria is one of the calmest places on the old continents. Crime rates are lower or equivalent with European countries. The institutions are often slow, ineffective, corrupt and take a lot of your time and nerves, but this is one of the best places for people with normal earnings. We will help you handle the institutions without any difficulties, so that you can enjoy everything without any hassles.

If you have made a decision to go somewhere, Bulgaria is the place that will turn a short trip into a longterm stay and Business Insider seems to agree.

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