Business Visa for Bulgaria

How to Obtain Business Visa for Bulgaria

26 Oct 2016

Business Visa for BulgariaEvery non EU citizen can obtain business visa in Bulgaria.

To obtain visa type D and residency for business activities the foreigners must register a company in Bulgaria. For the purpose of registration, you will need an address on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. The minimum capital of the company cannot be lest the 1 euro. The registration process takes no more than a week.

We can assist you to register such company without coming in Bulgaria. You can give as a power of attorney, we will draft the necessary documents, we will send them to you, you sign and send us signed my email. We will apply in the commercial register online.

To obtain business visa registering a Bulgarian company you have to employ 10 Bulgarian workers.

If you don’t plan or don’t want to employ 10 Bulgarian employees you can obtain business visa registering a TRO (Trade representative office of foreign company). If you have registered company on your country of any other country, you can have an TRO here in Bulgaria. All business deals and transactions will be done by the company based in your country. The registration takes about 3 days after we submit the papers. The advantage is that you don’t have to employ 10 Bulgarians which will save you a lot of money and bookkeeping. We also can assist in the process of registration of TRO of a foreign company and provide an address in Bulgaria.

How much it will cost the registration of a Bulgarian company or TRO of a foreign company please send us a mail by the form in this website.